Friday, October 16, 2015

Repaint of Archilon Shadowheart Human Warrior

This is a repaint of the figure Archilon Shadowheart, Human Warrior from DC's World of Warcraft Series 2 action figures. Painted for private commission to match closer to a player's paladin character. I sculpted over the skulls with lion heads on his shield and pauldrons as requested, and added the character's guild tabard. The figure's wrists are posable and the shield can be removed if so desired. I'm still searching for the original sculptor's name to add here, so will hopefully update soon with that info, really great dynamic figure to work on! The figure is cast in plastic and is roughly 7" in height. Painted by Anne Cooper (me) using various companies acrylics, a mix of Reaper, GW & Vallejo.

The original figure as it comes out of the box unassembled for comparison:

And various views of the modified figure:

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