Thursday, June 30, 2011

AUSCON Steampunk Dorothy

This is AUSCON Steampunk Dorothy from Guild of Harmony Miniatures, sculpted by Sebastian, and painted by Anne Cooper (me) . This is the first in a range of miniatures that will be released for each AUSCON event following a steampunk bent starting with Dorothy and continuing along the Wizards of OZ theme. Dorothy is 32mm and cast in resin. This figure is the chosen mini for Coolminiornot's Contest 25 paint contest, and this is my version of her. I was picturing her incorporating the emeralds of the Emerald City somehow into her inventions and weaponry. If you are feeling inclined to vote, it's appreciated, here is the link: , thanks!


  1. I stumbled accross your blog while searching for painted examples of Steampunk Dorothy as I'm going to be painting one for a friend for Christmas this year. Yours is excellent and I'll definitely be using her as a reference for painting mine.

  2. I have seem so many painted miniature at Cool Mini or Not website, this gives me the deepest impression, hope to see more of your works.